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How we liked your hotel, so peaceful and relaxing. The lovely garden, terraces and swimming pool are great! Diners were delicious


Lovely stay in your unique and charming place. We enjoyed your hospitality and will certainly return

David and Sarah

What a wonderful spot this is. The birds, the trees, lovely old buildings and not the least the generosity of Gerard en Madeline. Thank you

Gonni and David

Lovely location, this water mill with small canals running through parts of the house. Rooms are tastefully decorated and very clean

Barbara and Tom

What a beautiful house and garden


We had a lovely stay here, slept well and had a good breakfast

Kate and Lisa
B&B El Molino Santisteban gastenboek B&B El Molino Santisteban gastenboek B&B El Molino Santisteban gastenboek B&B El Molino Santisteban gastenboek

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Thank you for our third glorious, relaxing holiday at your place. It gets better and happier with each visit


Loved your place every bit and enjoyed the delicious suppers and your hospitality

Charles, Susie and Rosa

Great hospitality and wonderful cooking. We had a relaxing time




We enjoyed lovely dinners in the evening, the sound of running water everywhere and your very kind hospitality


This fine house has a sort of bohemian charm and the owners are very amicable and accommodating


The gardens and pool area are full of quiet places to sit and the river is just nearby


Our hosts made us feel at home and made sure we did not fall short of anything. Superb experience in a lovely place

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